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Our Gifts of Time
Church Boards and Committees

The following information was prepared in 2008 by the Nominating Committee in order to inform Church members who might be interested in serving on one of our many boards and committees. We believe it also serves to provide examples of the many ways in which we can use our time to be good Stewards of our Church and it’s missions.

The effectiveness of our ministry and mission as a church is directly related to the commitment of our lay leadership. Just as you would not apply for a job in your chosen vocation without reading a description of what your duties and responsibilities would be, it only follows that you should know what would be expected of you when you choose to serve the church through involvement on one of the Boards or Committees. Here are the job descriptions of our Boards and Committees. Each year we need to identify, nominate, then elect in a congregational meeting persons to serve in these positions of leadership.

Please read these descriptions and think about your gifts for service.

Which positions might fit you? Where do your abilities match? Where is your heart? Why not try something new?

The Nominating Committee still needs to ensure good Board and Committee balance, and the congregation will need to add its vote, but it is hoped that you will help this process by indicating your willingness to serve. Please read this information more than once, giving real consideration and prayer to where you can most effectively contribute your leadership and service.

If you are interested in serving, or have any questions, please contact the nominating committee: Deanna O’Connell

If you do not feel you are able to serve at this time, please consider doing so in the future.

Church Council
The Council visualizes the entire task of the church and forms a well-rounded program, appointing special committees when needed. The Council acts on behalf of the church between congregational meetings coordinating spiritual, educational, operational and financial affairs of the church. In addition to representatives from each board and committee, there are two "Members-At-Large", representing the congregation, who are elected each year.
Membership: Made up of the chairs from each of the other boards and committees. One-year term for Members at Large.

The Deacons cooperate with and advise the ministers in the spirituality of the church and community. They assist in the administration of the sacraments (baptism and communion), as well as having responsibility for church membership, growth, and visitation.
Time Commitment: One meeting per month, serving communion 3 times per year; delivering flowers to shut-ins 3 times per year. Two 3-year terms.

Stewardship Board
The Stewardship Board consists of five active members of the Church.  The Board organizes and conducts the Annual Stewardship Campaign and any additional funding campaigns that the Council or the Congregation may determine.  The Board also conducts an on-going program to encourage planned giving for the Church.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; extra meetings/phone calling during stewardship campaign. Two three-year terms.

Finance Board

Board of Christian Education
This Board is responsible for planni
ng and directing the Christian education ministry for all ages in the church: Sunday School, youth ministry, adult education, as well as maintaining the church library.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; occasional extra meetings and preparation for special events. Two 3-year terms.

Music Board
This Board promotes and addresses issues of the full music program and music staff. The Board develops a yearly budget, evaluates the music program of the whole church, plans special musical events, and helps the congregation understand the value of music in the church.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; extra meetings for special concerts/projects. Two 3-year terms.

Mission Board
The Board coordinates activities and programs related to social issues of justice and Christian compassion. They challenge and educate the church in the meaning of Christian mission. They are responsible for benevolence projects and offerings.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; extra time to assist needy persons; additional commitment for individual projects of your interest. Two 3-year terms.

Ushering Committee
This committee provides ushers for all worship and special services of church.
Time Commitment: Four Sundays per year, plus some special services. 3-year term.

Flower Committee
This committee's responsibility is to secure donors of Sunday morning flowers, to order or otherwise obtain those arrangements, and to secure and arrange special seasonal decorations.
Time Commitment: No regular meetings; responsible for 4 months per year plus arranging seasonal flowers. Three 1-year terms.

Service Personnel and Student Contact
This person maintains an active contact with military service personnel and students away from home.
Time Commitment: Variable. Three 1-year terms.

Nominating Committee
This committee identifies and recruits church members to serve on the Boards and Committees of the church, for the annual term of office and as vacancies occur.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; additional meetings as the need arises; telephoning at your convenience. Two 3-year terms.

Hospitality Committee
This Committee recruits volunteers to be greeters prior to and coffee servers after the Sunday morning worship. The Committee is also responsible to serve refreshments at other church receptions.
Time Commitment: Variable. Two 3-year terms.

Bylaws Committee
Study, accept recommendations, and when necessary, draft amendments to Church Constitution and Bylaws.
Time Commitment: Variable. One 4-year term.

Human Resources Board
This Board, with input from the Senior Minister, oversees written staff policies and covenants of employment with all paid staff.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings; some research. Two 3-year terms.

Delegates to the CT Conference UCC National and New Haven East Consociation
These persons must be committed to the larger church, i.e., the UCC on the area and state level and to attending the meetings of these bodies and the Church Council.
Time Commitment: Few to several meetings. Unlimited 1-year term.

Pastoral Relations Committee
This is the channel for expressing concerns, pastor to congregation and vice versa.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings.

Land And Bulding Board
The Land and Building Board shall properly maintain, repair, keep, and operate all of the Church's land and buildings and appurtenances thereto. The Land and Building Board shall recommend to the Church Council and Congregation an annual budget, which shall include the funding for the activities of the Center Cemetery Committee.
Time Commitment: Monthly meetings. Opportunities to participate in various work projects. Two 3-year terms.

Endowment Board
The Endowment Board shall have the authority to hold, sell, exchange, transfer, invest, reinvest, and in all other respects to manage and control the assets of the Church's endowed funds, as in its judgment and discretion it shall deem wise and prudent in keeping with a policy of preservation and appreciation of the investments of the Church. The Board shall report to the Church Council quarterly.
Two 3-year terms.

Center Cemetery Committee
The Center Cemetery Committee shall supervise the restoration and care of those parts of the Center Cemetery in Branford, Connecticut which are of historical interest to the Church.
Two 3-year terms.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee shall be responsible for annually reviewing, or causing to be reviewed, the financial records of the Church, including the financial records of all endowed funds. The Committee shall report its findings annually to the Congregation and shall recommend, when appropriate, improvements to the financial controls and record keeping of the Church.
Two 3-year terms.

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