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The Reverend Theresa Borchetta
Associate Minister for Youth and Families

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Hi, I am Theresa Borchetta, Associate Minister of Youth and Families, here at the First Congregational Church in Branford. I began my ministry here in September of 2005. I thoroughly enjoy what I do here and am blessed to be a vital part of the Ministerial Staff.

To give you a little background on myself, I began my service to our Lord as a part-time youth minister at a church in Delmar, New York, while I was also employed full-time in the mental health field as the director of a group home.

My work as the part-time youth minister led me to seminary at the Colgate Crozier Divinity School, where I obtained my Masters in Divinity. While I pursued my Masters in Divinity, I served as a youth and family minister and intern at Atonement Lutheran Church in Rochester, NY.

Building on my passion and strength in working with adolescent and high school aged children brought me to First Congregational Church in Branford, where I presently serve as Minister of Youth and Families. I was Ordained into Ministry in March of 2007. What I like about my duties here are First Congregational Church is my ability to work with people of all ages and backgrounds, which was a huge part of my decision to answer the call to work towards ordination.

The timing of my ministry here could not have been more divine, in that it coincided with the tragic hurricanes that devastated the Louisiana area in August of that year. In true Christian fashion, the youth of our congregation called me immediately to see what we could do to help. As I began calling to the stricken area, the first church I was able to contact was in Abbeville, LA and we immediately set up to send supplies in the short term, and made arrangements for a mission trip to the area months later to assist in the recovery. The more than sixty participants on that first trip were so moved by the experience that they immediately planned a follow up trip the next year to continue where we left off. The second year was equally rewarding and I am so proud to have been able to bring such wonderful ambassadors from our church to assist this devastated area.

This year we are planning to travel to one of the poorest counties in the country, in Harlan, Kentucky. Again, I know that the youth participants will make our church proud and make a positive impact on the lives that they will touch. What makes this all the better is the fact that we consistently get such overwhelming support from all the other members of the congregation, so that we can carry out our mission and do all the wonderful things that we do.

In addition to the many activities that I over see on a daily basis, when I have some down time, I enjoy the outdoors, boating, camping, nature photography and hiking. I also have been known to enjoy a good movie from time to time and enjoy relaxing with my friends and family.

I hope that if you have children in the congregation, that you will encourage them to join us on one or more of our many activities. They are welcome to ask a friend to join them if they are uncomfortable coming alone, but I assure you that they and their friends will become comfortable and feel welcome in short order. I look forward to meeting you sometime soon at one our Sunday Worship Services, or any of the youth and family oriented fellowship activities that we have planned in the near future.

God Bless.

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