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The Reverend Susan Power Trucksess
Associate Minister

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I officially retired ("honorably," of course) from full-time pastoring in the Presbyterian Church a couple of years ago, but the call to ministry is still strong for me. So, to help fill a staff vacancy, I arrived at FCC's doorstep in June 2005 as an interim associate pastor and I am still here (praise the Lord!). I am particularly interested in helping people in mainline Protestant traditions claim the riches of the spiritual wisdom and practice of the whole Christian Church (and other faith communities) as part of their own heritage and devotional life. As I preach and teach and just spend time with folks, I urge, and try to practice for myself, a balance between contemplation and active engagement with the world in social justice work. I call this a street-wise spirituality. It is a joy for me to share people's faith journeys, and I have found that most individuals appreciate safe places and listening hearts where they can talk about big questions, and everyday issues, with an eye to noticing God in the midst of all circumstances, events and relationships.

Susan Power Trucksess

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