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Opportunities for Service

Special Offering for Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts
Responding to Disaster
In our relative safety here in Branford, we watch in horror the unfolding of the unbelievable damage caused by Hurricane Harvey as it whirls around inflicting more and more death, hardship, and loss.

What can we do – as individuals and as a community? There are many good ways to respond, but the Mission Board, with the approval of Council, has opened the way for us at FCC to respond as a church, through the church – to carry out our commission to care for the least, the most vulnerable, the most needy.

The Mission Board has established a special offering opportunity to provide financial aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey through the UCC Disaster Ministries. Contributions will be received for the next 3 weeks – from September 3rd – September 17th, and they will be forwarded to the Emergency USA Fund for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

The UCC Disaster Ministries has already geared up for “long-term recovery work in the region and contributions for Harvey survivors means providing community support for holistic recovery, repairing house and home for families and children and restoring dignity for the most vulnerable who have lost everything in the wake of this catastrophic event.”

This agency of our denomination promises that 100% of the funds received will be used in direct emergency relief efforts.

All kinds of individual responses are welcome and needed, but for our congregation to respond as a congregation would be a sign of our vitality, our compassion, and our Christian commitment to meeting the needs of God’s world. The Mission Board will designate some moneys, but we believe much more will be forthcoming from our members and friends when we work as a body of believers.

2000 years ago the Apostle Paul pleaded with believers and stable churches to make a “collection” for others in need
as proof of their love (II Corinthians 8:24). Can we do less?

As a good way to show our love, we can contribute through our church to the efforts of the wider church of Jesus Christ. Gifts may be made out to
First Congregational Church marked for Hurricane Harvey in the notation line, and put in the collection plates on Sundays or delivered or mailed to the church office.

Community Dining Room Dates for 2017

Start time is 9:30am for prepping.
If you're coming to serve only, come by 11:45am We do need more servers!

And of course clean up and do dishes…and we're done by 1:30/1:45

Thanks, and look forward to seeing you as always!
Regards, Ray Luhn


A New Faith Practice - Grocery Cards!
On sale Sundays after worship services.
Imagine this: every time you buy something at the grocery store, our church will earn a 5% return on your purchase. Yes!! This is how it works:
-you buy grocery cards after worship in Pilgrim Hall and/or in the church office (M – F, 9 a.m. to noon)
-you use them at the store (BIG Y, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite )
-the 5% return to the church is automatic.

But you don’t do this just once in a while; instead, you make this your new, regular practice. Think of it as a new faith practice: “As a discipline of my faith, I will buy grocery cards at FCC, use them when I grocery shop, and thereby give back 5% to my church every single time. This matters.” It’s such a good feeling. It is also such a good revenue source.