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A New Faith Practice - Grocery Cards!
On sale Sundays after worship services.
Imagine this: every time you buy something at the grocery store, our church will earn a 5% return on your purchase. Yes!! This is how it works:
-you buy grocery cards after worship in Pilgrim Hall and/or in the church office (M – F, 9 a.m. to noon)
-you use them at the store (BIG Y, Stop & Shop, Shop Rite )
-the 5% return to the church is automatic.

But you don’t do this just once in a while; instead, you make this your new, regular practice. Think of it as a new faith practice: “As a discipline of my faith, I will buy grocery cards at FCC, use them when I grocery shop, and thereby give back 5% to my church every single time. This matters.” It’s such a good feeling. It is also such a good revenue source.