First Congregational Church Branford, CT         

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First Congregational Church of Branford is blessed with a vibrant music program. We believe that music is a powerful means of communing with God and hope that our members and visitors find spiritual sustenance in the music of the church. We believe that music expresses emotions that may be inexpressible in words and therefore serves a unique purpose during our worship.

With this in mind, musicians who contribute to our worship services share their music in the same way our ministers share prayers and sermons, as offerings to God and to those listening. The quality of our church's music pays tribute to the spiritual devotion of our musicians and their directors.

A highlight of the church's music program is our beloved Flentrop pipe organ. Installed in 1969, our organ has gained recognition as one of the finest organs in the area. Our congregation exhibited tremendous support for this instrument with their generous donations toward its recent renovation, completed in 2004, with over 150 families contributing financially to make possible the enhanced tonal qualities which we enjoy weekly in our meetinghouse.

Some 140 individuals from our church family are involved directly in singing, ringing, and youth choirs. Soloists and instrumentalists further invigorate our worship. These musicians offer a varied repertoire, from classical to jazz to bluegrass in the hopes of touching the hearts of all members of our diverse church family. Generous donations support special presentations of oratorios and concerts. Anyone in our church family with an interest in contributing to these spiritual offerings is encouraged to join a choir. Together, through our music, we seek to offer petitions, thanks, and praise for the glory of God.

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