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Kerry Stewart

Faith Formation Coordinator

I am so glad to be in service and in partnership with your church and congregation!
I come to you by way of North Haven Congregational Church where I have been an active member since we moved to the area in 2001. I have held many volunteer positions including the Music Committee, Deacon/ Worship Mission Team, Outreach, and Faith Formation Mission Team. I have served as a Sunday School teacher on and off since I was in High School. I will always stand by some of the best bible studies I have ever attended and been part of are the Sunday School classes of 8-11 year old's.  Their perspective is so sharp and honest. It is always great conversation!
My best time at NHCC was the 9 months I served as the Interim Ministry for Children Coordinator. We had just had someone leave the position and were still searching for a permanent person to fill the position. I found myself saying yes before I had even thought about it. God does work in mysterious and wonderful ways!! It was challenging and fulfilling in a way I never expected and I was hooked.  I started to see where my next path could take me. Fast forward to 2019 and God's call came stronger and louder. I have started working towards my Faith Formation Leadership Program Certificate with the Southern New England Conference of the UCC. I have also started classes at Pathways Theological Education, Inc, which is an extension of the Southeast Conference of the UCC.
I truly believe that children are the present of the church. If we invest in them now, we can change the world by putting kind, loving, empathetic, service minded children into the world and as they grow they become young adults with those inherent beliefs and ideals. I also believe that when we stop learning, we stop growing. I look forward to opportunities to work with members and friends of this church of all ages!
I have also been a very active member of the Tres Dias of Fairfield Community. It is a wonderful ecumenical group that celebrates all the ways we are similar, looks past the things that make us different and focuses on God's incredible love for us all and the unmerited Grace he shows us every day. If you come to visit me in my office at the church, the banner from my most recent weekend will be hanging on the wall. I encourage you to ask me about it! It is a wonderful and uplifting story! It is a lay led movement that encourages church leaders and allows us all to deepen our daily faith walk.
My background is in the business end of the Dental field where I have been working since High School and came into professionally upon completion of my Associate's Degree in Business. While working, I did go on to complete my Bachelor's Degree also in Business at SCSU. My current position at a dental office in Monroe is a hard one to leave, as I have been there for 15 1/2 years. It is another family for me. I will miss my coworkers and patients very much, but in order to grow, sometimes we have to move and make those leaps of faith.
My life has always been centered around the church, especially my social life. It has always been a place I have been happy to call home. I love to read, whether it be an actual book, an e-book or an audio book. I do have a couple of book clubs I am part of, one of which is a bible study club. We are currently working our way through the bible in one year with a chronological bible with devotions.  I love podcasts and learning about people's stories. Memoirs, biographies and true stories are by far my favorites. I am an avid knitter and always seem to have a project going. This has been especially helpful as I have been nursing along this knee injury since mid-December! I love to cook and bake and am very much enjoying how much my children now like to join me. I am also involved Girl Scouts in Hamden as the leader of my daughter's Brownie troop. This is my third year leading the troop and I love to watch these girls grow and it is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning.
I live in Hamden with my husband of nearly 23 years, Eben and our two children Logan, age 11 and Eliza, age 9. We love game nights, traveling as a family, especially to the beach! Cape Cod is our happy place and a week we all look forward to every year.  We all love movies, especially documentaries and experiential learning like museums, especially living museums. We are also all homebodies and love just curling up together, everyone with their own activity and hanging in the same room.
I will be generally keeping office hours of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9-2 and Sundays from 8:30-12. I will be present for worship and Sunday School on Sunday's and for special events during the evenings. I will be there for the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper with a table of children's activities. My hours may change due to these evening activities or due to continuing education hours as well. Please feel free to call me at the church or email me at
I look forward to getting to know you all. The first half of February will not have me working my full schedule due to surgery on my knee and some travel that was preplanned prior to accepting this position. By February 19th I'll be in full swing! 

In Peace,